elcome to the world of Urban Reggie, where dreams become reality, and reality is made into shows! Terrible, terrible shows. In a land that remakes remakes, one so creatively stifled that originality is considered a life-threatening disease, one man brings just what the doctor ordered: sheer, unbridled passion and the willingness to do whatever it takes. Reggie is a dreamer, and in true Hollywood fashion he intends to turn his dream of making movies into reality.

Working gig-to-gig with the hopes of just being in the same room as his cinematic idols, Reggie's real success is his tenacity to the things most dear to him: his love of movies and his love of family.

Urban Reggie is the high-adrenaline underdog story of a clueless young man from south of the border who comes to America with his even more clueless, oversized younger brother. With only the address of their perpetual-student older sister and a vision of stardom, Reggie has no idea what he's in for, but he'll face it all with smile. Life won't be easy for Reggie and Pepe, but it will all be worth it in service of their dream.