The American Dream is alive and well, and Reggie is here to prove it. Set in the media capitol of the world, at the epicenter of new artistic movements and a musical renaissance, brothers Reggie and Pepe are here to take the film world by storm.
     Coming all the way from a little village south of the border, there is no way that Reggie and Pepe will let nay-sayers, common sense or "experience" stand in the way of their dreams of stardom!

But no one can do it on his/her own, and Reggie and Pepe are lucky to have each other. They are the most loyal brothers you'll meet, and that includes to their older sister, Sarina. With a rich heritage celebrating love and devotion to family, whether Reggie succeeds or fails, he'll always have the support of his siblings; for that, Reggie can never lose. And so, with no holds barred, Reggie – new to the country but not the idea of working hard for what he most desires – will run, jump and blast his way into the hearts of Hollywood and the world!