Enthusiastic, high energy, and not afraid of anything, Reggie will do whatever he
can to be on the spotlight of opportunity, get recognized, and be amongst the stars.
And he's close, too, with his head already in the clouds… Hardly the most informed guy
around, what Reggie lacks in experience he makes up for in sheer passion.
His resilience and unshakable spirit make him a serious force to reckon with!

Pepe is one imposing dude. At 6'2" and pushing 250lbs, the youngest of the
family is far from a baby. But don't let the size fool you; Pepe is the kindest,
sweetest, most devoted friend and brother around. Attached to Reggie at the hip,
Pepe is always happy to tag along, so long as he gets to stop for food afterwards!
A true gentle giant, Pepe has a heart as big as his stomach, and a brain as big as…
well, I swear it's in there somewhere.

Sarina is a free-spirited college girl who has a serious effect on the opposite sex. She
could get anything she wants with her smarts alone – and her looks don't hurt either! –
but she's trapped by her fear of failure. Sarina secretly wants to be a musician, but being
afraid keeps it a secret.

She admires her younger brother, Reggie, for his shameless pursuit of his own dream,
and is always there to support him. Sarina could learn a thing or two from Reggie's drive,
but Reggie could learn a whole lot more from his sister's observational awareness,
informed logic, and understanding about how the world works.